We make barbecue. Real barbecue.

It’s worried over, hard-won, only-the-family-knows-the-recipe, barbecue. It’s the right meat, with the right smoke, at the right temperature, in exactly the right sauce. This is call-your-friends barbecue. It’s “we won the big game” barbecue. It’s barbecue that’ll make you fill up the cooler and empty your calendar.

Find a reason. Place an order. Grab a fork.

Why do we do it?

Barbecue is something you have to love to do right. It’s what makes the difference between real barbecue and meat that’s just been on a grill and covered with some kind of sauce. That’s what it takes — the kind that makes you learn to weld to make your first smoker; the love that gives you the integrity to take 90 pounds of pulled pork out of a cook because it just isn’t your best. As business owners, it’s hard to lose that many sandwiches, but folks who really love barbecue, it’s harder to have people walking around saying “that was just okay.”

Why is it pink?

True smoked meat, when it’s smoked right – when the fire is perfect and all that flavor is going straight into what you’re cooking – turns the meat a little bit pink. It doesn’t mean your ribs or loin is undercooked, it means it’s perfectly cooked by a barbecue pitmaster who takes pride in their work.

How do you price your pulled pork so low?

Look, we have kids too. You can’t feed a family of four on $14/pound pulled pork. Not in this day and age. So, we charge what we think is fair for our customers and our business. And, if we ever need to, we’ll buy cheaper forks before we’ll serve anything but the best barbecue we can.