Make money hand over fork.

For your fundraiser, don’t just meet your goals, meat your goals.

We make your BBQ special and your fundraising simple. It works like this:

You fill up the forms. We bring the BBQ. For each $24 tub you sell, your group gets $4.50, and some lucky son of a gun gets two pounds of award-winning, cherry-wood smoked, BBQ pulled pork.

Your team, club, school or church group raises funds, and a lot of happy folks raise their forks … loaded up with hand-crafted, mouthwatering, good old fashioned BBQ.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Kevin Greene at 765-343-6050 or moc.q1571052820bbdnu1571052820orare1571052820htag@1571052820ofni1571052820